Allow me to describe where you are, where we are…then answer a question.

You are blind to the world so let me guide you through it. The world…it is gone.

We are floating freely. The bed is gone. Only my hand is under your back; pulling you to me and anchoring our bodies together.

The floor, the wall, have all…just…disappeared. Still more…the sky outside has run like melting paint in a fire. The fabric on which the sky lay, too, has been torn away. And the earth and material world have retreated completely, in awe of our orbital perfection.

Anything which may have caused you anxiety, annoyance, or pain has passed. It is the past.

These are the things we abolish. Other things we preserve. Together we transcend.

We are like a binary star – two stars that appear to be one. They revolve so close they look like one star, but, in reality, they are two. WE revolve around each other and that is how we shine. Together we are stranger.

So I ask…Do you want to be here?